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Our Mission

In a world where negative values seem to be reinforced, Midwood Catholic Academy clearly teaches its students the meaning of honesty, respect, and caring. Religious instruction in the Catholic faith and participation in the sacramental life of the church foster a deeper awareness that God loves us and calls us to be his witness in our world.

Promoting an atmosphere of true learning is one of Midwood Catholic Academys deepest concerns. Homework is assigned daily in order to reinforce the lessons of the day. Students are to be responsible for their textbooks, notebooks, and all assignments. Creative structure gives each child a pattern for his/her learning and sets up a schedule and system for getting things accomplished.

Learning how to control one’s behavior in stressful and non-stressful situations is essential to be successful in all areas of life. The administration and faculty of Midwood Catholic Academy work together in developing and enforcing rules and regulations. Each teacher handles individual discipline problems; when a problem is more serious, the principal speaks with the student and if deemed necessary, parents are contacted. Positive behavior is reinforced and rewarded. Our discipline is tempered with love and concern. but it is administered swiftly and with justice.



Midwood Catholic Academy unites families and the communities of Flatlands and Midwood in guiding children in a Christ centered environment of learning based on the Catholic truths and traditions. Our mission is to promote a learning environment that encourages love, acceptance, trust, and respect for others; a curriculum fashioned around the child of today who will become the adult of tomorrow; and the family as the most significant source of guidance in Catholic Values.